Party Down

Today, Small Z went to her friend’s third birthday party. She lives in the next street over – so the whole getting ready thing was a breeze. We wandered over just after midday.

On the way to the party

There was just Small Z, the party girl and one other friend who also goes to our playgroup. The rest of the guests were just family. It was a day of unexpected sunshine.

Of course, the small ones had to play dress ups…some of the pictures turned our blurry, but I kind of like it…

At the party...
At the party...

And being able to walk home from someone’s house is always a crazy bonus for us! Anyone else we know is an hour’s drive away…





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  1. Nice and good to see it wasn’t one of those monsterous affairs with a bunch of screaming kids. It is nice just to walk somewhere without driving.

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