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I have realised that Small Z never did much teething. I have learnt this from having Small DB. Her teeth come through in twos. And so her eyeteeth began to try and make an appearance, just on the tail end of her month long cold and consumptive-Dickensian cough.

As my brain has been leaking, I spent my work day on Thursday working on what I thought were files for the coming Monday. Finished them – just. And whizzed to the post office to send them. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realised I had been working on files for Monday week and still had THREE looming files due for next Tuesday that could be completed and posted no later than Friday afternoon.

Therefore I had to ask M, yet again, to stay home and go on kid duty while I typed like a loon. So I didn’t notice straightaway that Small DB didn’t feed very well during the day. Because she’s eating a bit now, she didn’t starve. But by nightfall, when it was time to feed her to sleep, I realised what was going on. She would go to latch on, but draw back and cry and cry. She couldn’t feed. It hurt her too much. It was so sad.

She was so tired and beside herself. I walked her around the block, around the garden, around the house. I had given her Panadol and realised that I should have given her Nurofen (anti-inflammatory) instead, and had to wait for time to elapse so I didn’t double dose her. After we finally got that into her, she was still dehydrated. M had been holding her while I pumped my aching mega-boobs. She cried and cried. She couldn’t use a sippy cup and was too out of control to try a normal cup.

M had the idea of giving her expressed milk in the Nurofen syringe. We just squirted it into her as she screamed and spluttered. After about the seventh one, it was like magic. She just revived and began pointing and smiling. It was SUCH a relief. I could then give her a normal cup, and she blew bubbles into the milk and thought it was great. She drank h-e-a-p-s.

The rest of the night was still hard, because she’s used to being fed when she wakes. I had to do some pacing as well as midnight pumping. But I’ve realised that pumping is not so bad when you watch Downton Abbey at the same time! We made it through the night and the next day, both eyeteeth had come through enough for her to be able to feed again.

We have been through an entire bottle of baby Panadol with this kid – it’s a totally different deal this time around!!


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  1. Poor baby but poor you as well trying to cope.

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