Ear buds.

This is Friday. This has been A. Hard. Week. M still has mild lingering strains of his cold from a few weeks ago. Small Z spent Wednesday and Thursday with her head tilted like an inquisitive bird – her neck was stuck and painful. We thought she had slept on it at an odd angle, but she has since been commenced on her first ever antibiotics and it seems that it was some kind of infection.

Small DB ran a temperature all Tuesday night and Wednesday. Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I’d been dragged on a rope behind a car. Sore joints, thumping head. Do I get sick days? I do not. So I typed. And then took Small Z to the doctor, which took over an hour. And then typed some more. I have sore bumps behind both ears that feel like I’m about to grow another set of backup ears. And I won’t miss them when they’re gone…

Thankfully my mother was here to do kid minding or it would have all been way too hard. Small Z’s doctor also looked at me and said I should try and get on top of my lurgy with lots of saltwater gargling, hot drinks and analgesics. I’ve been doing all that. AND I swallowed a clove of garlic. Whole. Peeled first, of course. I have fond thoughts of that clove, somewhere in there, working its anti-bacterial magic…go clove, go!!

Today Small Z had farm animals at kinder, and it was our turn to be the parent ‘helper’ for the day. I very much wanted to do it, but had extra work to do, and felt vile – so M went along *whimper* and I will go at the next opportunity. And I won’t take Small DB, as I planned to, but will ask M to take time off the boat to look after her. And that is how I sound when I’m feeling proactive!

My extra work is done. Tomorrow morning I see my sublime new osteopath for whom I have left my physiotherapist in the dust. And then we have been invited to an afternoon ‘solstice’ party…in the NEXT STREET! Oh my god! Is this our first locally located social outing? After living here for 18 months? I think it is. How completely refreshing to be able to walk to a social engagement that is also happening at a kid-friendly hour! And there will be mulled wine. So things are getting better. Get thee behind me, week of crud! (Birth of Small Nephew is excluded from crudness – obviously. He was highlight.)


Cemetery Gates




  1. Sympathy to you as having just gotten over my own rotten cold/flu I can relate.

  2. beth

    It was such an odd one – crept up incrementally, so I just felt worse and worse, but couldn’t figure out why. Until it properly hit!! Glad you’re better too!

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