Links of Goodness 03

    It’s funny – I have been blogging here for NINE year. N-I-N-E. Kind of just plodding along. And sometimes I feel like a little terrace house that has had big buildings built up around it. Blogs by people who have been at it for two or three years have a zillion followers, advertising revenue, giveaways and profile!

    Sometimes I’m envious. However, I also know that I have nowhere near the time (or obviously the ambition) to immerse myself in it all to that extent – and…well, it’s not like I’m heavily into style, fashion, diy or decorating. I like all of those things, but in a dabbling kind of way. What I would like to plug are some sites I’ve been delving into recently. Mostly kicked off by a post on Whip Up called Awesome Family Blogs You Should Check Out.

    The ones that stood out to me are Picklebums, TinkerLab and Little Eco Footprints. They are all kid and craft focused – and very inspirational. I just puzzle over how these women (and they are all mostly women) find the TIME to do this stuff and then BLOG about it….!

    OK – I am waaaay behind the eight-ball on this one, but that excellent climatologist and author, Stephen Schneider, died a year ago. There is a program transcript of a show he did for Australian television shortly before his death where he spoke to and answered questions from a roomful of climate change skeptics.

    There’s also a great program from The Health Report on the ABC from 2007 which is when I first heard him speak – talking about his book The Patient From Hell – a book I still want to read. In the interview he talks about using his science background and overlaying his knowledge about odds and statistics on to the medical community – particularly how doctors make decisions. Sounds boring, right? Not at all.

    If you want to read a crazy inspiring obituary – this is one person I would have loved to have met.

    And Pinterest. I wish I had more time to trawl around for things that gladden my eye and make my credit card feel weak. In reality – you don’t have to trawl around anywhere at all, because all the cool stuff is there for the pinning. My boards. They need populating!

    Guess what! I bought a cd! I was betting that as the ‘super group’ is made up of three solo artists that I love, it would be something that would thrill my little soul. You can check it out here at Seeker Lover Keeper.

    OK, Small DB just woke. Again. Goodnight….


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[m i a o w] the cat » Blog Archive » Some like it snot. typed this on Jul 04 11 at 8:46 pm

B, knew you would be onto SLK – not bad at all – they play in mullum in a few weeks too. Marco is a fan of the film clips…not so me!

ian typed this on Jun 18 11 at 6:09 pm
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