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A short announcement. I installed Google Reader Shared last night. Since that time, my comments have died, my Amazon Showcase plugin has ceased to function and my tweets are no longer published to this page. The developer of the Google Shared Reader plugin says that it has not caused these issues. So…I must grudgingly accept that it is a startling coincidence. And one that makes me Very Unhappy. Please bear with me while I attempt repairs…

Oh – and if you’re interested? I was using WordPress 3.0.4 but have since hurriedly updated to the latest release of 3.1.3 – which has achieved exactly nothing. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tweet me @miaowthecat

UPDATE: – ok my tweets are now appearing. however the link to make a comment appears to be broken. can you hear my teeth grinding? I have no time for this. I have to get work done.




Colander art


  1. D

    It works !!!

  2. beth

    What the?!
    What did you do!!! Actually – I want to know, and others might too if something similar happens…
    Woo! WOOOT!

  3. beth

    It DOES work. You are more than worth your hourly rate…

  4. D

    2 coopers greens per hour – which is why I can never managed to get paid in advance 😉

  5. Works for me from my Phone! I know what you mean about the frustration. Sympathy!

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