A definite vote of approval. Small Z always has two books read to her before bed. Tonight is the First Night Ever that she has asked for the first book to be read again. I cross examined her a bit to make sure she understood that there would be no other books. Just the same book, twice. She understood.

This is the book:

You can check out more about the author here. It made me think of William McInnes – or, more accurately, his father.

Small Z made me go limp with hysteria after it, requesting, “Say something funny mama, so I can be funny back.”
In the book, the kid says;

“Dad! I’ve got something in my eye!”

“Yeah,” says the dad, “Your eyeball.”

I said, “Zoe! I’ve got something in my eye!”

“Yeah,” she said, deadpan, “Your eyebrow.”

There were many other ones, some of which she got right, and some of which she just rendered so oblique that I was crying with laughter. She gets so much of the wordplay in the book, but is a bit to little to really compute it and transpose it. It reminded me of a long ago holiday with our lovely NSW friends where Claudia (then about five or six) would tell jokes, the punchlines of which would be so unrelated that they became funny purely because they were so wrong.

Anyway – there you go! The book of the week.