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Coming down?

I spent a bit of time putting together a page about the symptoms of low oestrogen in women who have recently given birth. It really started to annoy me that I had to google and google and google to find any information about it. The problem is that ‘low oestrogen’ is best known as a symptom of menopause – and that’s all I kept coming up with.

So, now I’ve given Google a page about low oestrogen in younger women. Hopefully I’ve put in the right keywords. I feel better now that I’ve tried to do something about it. The issue is – it’s so hard to know that your symptoms are a result of low oestrogen – particularly as I had never heard of a link between low oestrogen and post natal depression. Obviously PND other causes as well – people with a family history of depression are more susceptible – things like that.

Anyway, the other reason I’ve been thinking about all this is because I ran out of my medication the other night and I have no prescription to get more. Seeing my doctor is such an effort as she is now far away, as well as being more popular than the royal wedding. So I decided to go cold turkey and see what happened. It’s been about five days and I have not morphed into a catatonic not-coping freakshow.

I am more tired, my skin is not so happy – but really, it’s not too bad. I think my swimming may be paying off? It took me many laps the other day to do the maths and realise that I’m now clocking up a kilometre every morning. Yay me! The person previously known as the human sloth!


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  1. Congrats on the swimming, it’s not easy to keep on exercising (ask me how I know)

    On another note it’s people like you who are life savers for others of us who desperately search the Internet looking for information when we’re not feeling well. It’s one thing to read a medical description of something but the real gems are those nuggets of information that people post about their actual experiences and what they’ve done to cope. There are going to be a lot of grateful women out there because of your willingness to share what you’ve gone through.

  2. Pardon my geek Beth but Google will love you more if you change the link text to a more relevant term. Instead of ‘something to work with’ try using ‘a page about low oestrogen in younger women’. Every little counts.

  3. beth

    @ Karen – you are so right – I have to just go on autopilot to get myself to that pool in the morning. If I thought about it, I wouldn’t get there! And thank you for your comment about my oestrogen stuff – I am really hoping it will be exactly what you describe… which leads me to…

    @ Tony – I was hoping you would geek at me!! I was wondering about that and will change it right now… Thank you!

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