Capped off by minimal serenity

Today. A series of meltdowns from Small Z. A seven-month-old who napped a total of ONE HOUR all day. And occasional moments of serenity.

I began the day on a kind of odd note. Having purchased my very first swimming cap I entered the pool looking like a large walking purple condom, or, more poetically, a walking purple tipped missile. (No innuendo please…) I was also wearing my knickers instead of my bather bottoms due to an organisational malfunction. I sped so fast from the change rooms into the water that no one would have noticed my butt being covered in black cotton instead of spandex.

I am up to doing 25 laps of freestyle and four laps of kicking along on my back. It’s the last four that kill me. Anyway, with my new purple appendage (ahem) I found myself feeling a little more, um – what’s the aquatic term for aerodynamic? That’s what I felt. But by the time it came to the end of my last laps I could feel all the water sloshing around my hair. The good thing was that my head, when lying on my back, was a lot more floaty – a plus!

However, I felt offended. I had paid ten dollars to keep my hair DRY. I spoke to a woman who was drying her hair in the changerooms.

“Do you wear a cap?”


“Does it keep your hair dry? My hair is soaking.”

“It doesn’t keep my hair dry.”

“So…” I looked inquiring. Why would you look like a condom for no reason?

“…but it helps my head float. I think most people wear them to make their heads float.”

“Of course.”


The way home




  1. No I think the idea is that the cap is supposed to keep your hair dry but hey what do I know? I seem to recall wayyy back when as a child using one and I do think that for the most part it did work.

  2. beth

    I’m wondering if the old-style caps DID actually keep your hair dry/drier? They were often made of thick rubber and seem to ride lower at the nape of the neck. I am going to investigate…

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