Back to the Great Dictator

And this post is about how I am trying to blog using my headphones. Well, less my headphones and more my microphone. I am dictating to the computer while standing up. And that sentence was seamless. Without any errors. Maybe this is the new way for me to blog more regularly, although the interruptions seem to be the same.

I’m standing so I don’t have to sit. I finally got the results of the CT scan I had done on my lumbar spine a few weeks ago. And now I wish I hadn’t. This is probably to do with the fact that I spent all my time when I am working typing out other people’s CT scan results and all the gory details of how they try to cope with their day-to-day back pain.

So anyway, I have three bulging discs, one of which is more problematic than the other two. It is not, unfortunately, my piriformis muscle– which I thought was squashing my sciatic nerve and causing my numb leg; this would have been my preferred scenario.

Instead, my general practitioner has prescribed me a book called ‘Treat Your Own Back’ by Robin Mackenzie, who appears to be something of a guru. I saw my physiotherapist today and he told me to keep sitting to a minimum, which is why I’m standing up and dictating what you are currently reading.

The weird thing is that is not very painful. Just now. With occasional electrical little pain in my left big toe. So this is a good thing. I read such terrible files every week about people learning to live with their back pain and while this makes my situation scary it also makes me want to try and be as proactive as possible. Instead of saying ‘I need to start swimming’, I’m just actually going to go swimming bikini line waxed or not.




Bric a Brac


  1. I suffer from back pain so I can honestly say I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are able to do something about it, take care.

  2. beth

    Ah – you are lovely. Thank you. I think it’s particularly annoying for computery loving people and/or crafting needleworking people (like yourself). I have been reading Katy Says a LOT – it’s really interesting – she’s a biomechanic – I’d never heard of such a thing before!

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