Although, as I type this, my eyes are heavy and the kitchen/dining room looks like a bomb has hit it, the day up until now has been a good one. Astonishing, as Small Z has a snotty nose and last night had little sleep, and Small DB is just recovering from the same cold, however – this is how our day went…

Small Z came into the big bed during the night. At one point I awoke with her feet near my ear. There were many hissed imprecations for her to rotate. She eventually did. That actually hasn’t ever happened before – the upside downing….

Small DB woke at 6.30am and I got up with her. Changed her, made porridge, did my exercises (really!!) put on the washing. M was already up, but I couldn’t find him. Realised belatedly that he wasn’t up, but had escaped to the caravan at about 6am to sleep…

Small Z awoke at about 7.15am. She couldn’t go back to sleep, so I took her out to the caravan, where we both woke M. By the time breakfast was had, and Small Z was dressed and had done her Morning Wee – it was time for Small DB to go back to sleep.

Small Z was snotty, tired and clingy – so I put her in the pram and Small DB in the sling. (And yes, Small Z looks pretty ridiculous in the pram – like I’ve stuffed a gazelle into it, but it’s easier than dealing with whingeing…especially when not feeling well…)

M & the girls. Early morning.

We walked to the main street. It was still only 8.30am – too early to get good bread from the Health Food Shop – so we went to the supermarket. Small DB conked out. We bought incidentals – snail bait, laundry powder, tissues, chicken drumsticks, a bag of passionfruit that were on sale (Small Z’s favourite), some liver (for my iron), cream cheese and pepitas…

Hit the Health Food Shop for two loaves of bread. Small DB awoke – her naps are usually only 40 minutes. We walked home, Small Z clutching her bag of passionfruit and James the Train. Home at about 9.30 – put stuff in the fridge. Ate some pepitas. Made a cup of tea and gave Small Z yoghurt with two passionfruit – she was in heaven. Let her watch Five Minutes More


Put out some of the washing. Small Z played on her swing and in the treehouse. Small DB hung out, watching everything, from the pram. I dug out some compost from the back garden and shovelled it into the wheelbarrow. The day was heating up. Took it to the front garden. Pulled a few weeks. Changed Small DB. Sat Small Z down to listen to an audiobook while I fed Small DB to sleep in the big bed. I was surprised when it worked.

Night sky.

Came back out, finished hang out washing. Small Z and I made ‘The Night Sky’ using black paper, glitter, clear contact, sprinkles and silver foil… I had to go and resettle Small DB about three times, but it paid off in the end – she slept for almost two hours. I attempted to make tzatziki dip, but instead ended up with cold soup. I even tried to (I know this is bad) thicken it with cornflour, but to no avail. Small Z ate some with a spoon and called it ‘soup’.

She thrilled to reintroduction of cream cheese. We mixed it with avocado – this was a more successful ‘dip’. I ate some leftover pasta and had washed up everything by the time Small DB woke back up, with another audiobook back on. Thank you Postman Pat.

Headed back outside with Small DB and planted out a couple of passionfruit seedlings Dad had bought us – Small Z stayed in the shade on the porch eating frozen blackberries. Today was hot. I was redfaced and sweating by the time I’d dug them in, moved some bricks around them and put down some snail bait – we’ve been resisting doing it for a year, and lost every sunflower seedling that Small Z and I grew… so it’s time to leave the beer behind and go with the hard stuff.

Passionfruit. Planted.

I was being lenient with Small Z and her screentime today – she sat down and watched an episode of In The Night Garden – her new obsession. Two shows in a day doesn’t happen to her very often. Small DB and I sat next to her, snacking and joining in now and again. I ate the cake left over from the weekend…and it was time to coax another nap out of Small DB.

There was no feeding her snoozy this time – we both gave up on that, and I hissed at Small Z to bring in some books and threw Small DB in the hammock. Small Z and I invented the ‘Wonder String’ – a bit of wool attached to the wooden part of it that enables me to sit back and read to her, while comfortably bouncing Small DB.

Happy Hangup.

It was a lovely way to pass about 45 minutes – that’s how long it took us to get through the stack of books Small Z had brought in – it meant she also got a rest. I’ve been so close to getting rid of the Happy Hangup on several occasions, but I’m always glad I haven’t – it’s that one extra option for getting Small DB to sleep that is great to have when I can’t cope with the thought of her weight on me in the sling – she still sleeps on her tummy normally, but if the hammock keeps moving, it seems she naps well there now too! I have to remember that everything keeps changing and evolving – me included…

She was still asleep in there when M got home. Small Z and I were making yoghurt, and I was also putting together some ‘button burgers’ (kangaroo mince, egg and spinach in bite sized burgers) for her dinner. And that was the day – by our standards, it was super-zen.


She’ll be apples


Christening. Olivia Rose was very composed.


  1. I’ve had those days where nothing seems to have been accomplished and then I’ve sat down and written up everything I’ve done and realized that I’d actually packed quite a bit into the day. Your day seemed chock full but I guess with two little ones it’s hard to do anything else.

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