Despite the fact that I want to freeze Small DB in amber and keep her tiny forever, I was very thankful when she hit four months old and could begin to go in the Ergo. The Ergo is the best baby carrier (and I paid a LOT less than this when I got mine – it was on sale). It craps all over the Baby Bjorn. Its one failing is that the infant insert that is supposed to make is usable from birth is really cumbersome and difficult to position. I tried it unsuccessfully on several occasions, and it now sits on top of my Sell On eBay pile. It really sucked.

Other than that – it’s awesome. If my back could handle it I could still stuff Small Z in there if the need arose. And you can use it so the baby can ride on the front, on your back and on your side. Without it, I don’t know how I’d get anything done. I want to preserve it and that means not washing it every time Small DB gums it to death or spits up some milk on it. Thus…I finally made some suckpads! Ergo flog these off for $18.50 or THIRTY TWO DOLLARS in organic cotton. *shudder*

I followed this excellent pattern. I used a vintage sheet, bamboo and cotton flannel, all of which were already hanging about in my cupboard… Voila!