Heaven in Tyabb. Who knew?

Hysterically, I clicked into the past, and found myself in an identical slipstream. That is, being given the day off childminding by M on a Non Work Day. Oh the bliss. Oh the ridiculousness of that old post – my list of things to achieve [eyeroll] The fact that I thought PartyPie was allergic to persimmon, when she actually freaked out because she woke up in the care of someone she didn’t know. Ah. I was so naively unaware… but I am digressing.

The point is, today I made no plans (having learnt the hard way) and decided to accompany M and his two offspring (not mine, remember?) to the relocated Tyabb Farmer’s Market. Oh the joy, when I realised that not only was it on the site of the Vintage Shed, and not only was there a Sassy Cakes stall – there was a shop there FULL OF VINTAGE FROCKS, AMAZING SHOES, RETRO HANDBAGS and JEWELLERY and NUMEROUS HATS that Small Z tried on. And did I mention the very cute secondhand kids clothes?

I could have spent double the time in there, but it was also quite full of other females in similar states of awe… And so I pledge to return. The Vintage Shed itself was pretty fantastic too – not too badly price – but worryingly full of things I recalled from my own past. Vintage? Me? So soon? Please no. Anyway – then M took us to a cafe in Hastings, where they were getting all ready for Australia Day…


Fatigue and fallout



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  1. Ah it’s good to live vicariously through others….still holding to my vow of no op-shop hunting for two months.

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