Two visitations

We have had two unexpected visitations over the past week. Last Thursday, our lovely friends who decamped to live in Launceston a year ago dropped past on their way back from Phillip Island. It was excellent to see them! Their littlest kid was four months old (the same age as Small DB now) when we last saw them – she is now a truly sassy and gorgeous 14-month old – the smallest walking person you’ve ever seen! Hi Lola!

We caught up for a few hours over the afternoon – I was lucky to have my mum here to help with the Smalls, and she also made tea and got the other kids out on the trampoline as well. We pay her a huge hourly rate… 😉
Now they’ve gone back to Tasmania, and again we pledge to keep our poverty-stricken eyes on the airline sales, looking for those $39 specials to fly over and visit.

Our other visitors were a complete unknown quantity. M sold a boat on eBay, a guy in South Australia bought it, and drove over with his son to pick it up! The night before Small Z’s birthday, with shopping to be done, no food in the house, presents unwrapped, cake non-existent, this guy comes to the door and says he’s here to pick up the boat. Startlingly (you may sense a little twitch of sarcasm there, but please ignore), he’d been unable to contact M on his mobile to arrange a definite time. Yike.

Somehow it transpired that both small ones were asleep by 7pm. M helped the guy and his son load the bits of boat on to their ute in torrential rain. They came inside to dry off, and ended up buying us fish and chips for dinner and sleeping the night in the caravan. M’s moment of the match was jokingly suggesting to the 13-year-old that it was his turn to say grace before we started in on the food… and after a slightly uncomfortable pause, his dad said that actually they DO say grace every night when they are at home… D’oh. First round to M.

This guy turned out to be an eBay obsessive (if it wasn’t obvious that he was happy to drive for nine hours to pick up a $500 boat) and in between showing me freakish oddities that people had listed wrongly or somewhat askew, he showed me fatfingers.com – a site that searches eBay for misspelt listings – with the intention that you might find some kind of crazy bargain. Bizarre.

I left him and M up and went to bed, after instructing M to get going on the cake. They came in early in the morning and said ‘happy birthdays’ to Small Z, and then went on their way – with nine hours on the road ahead of them. I wonder if we’ll ever see them again?


Small Z is THREE!


Back at it


  1. Interesting, nice of you to offer the caravan for the night. Maybe it’s a bonding/roadtrip experience for them both. Think what fodder the son will have for a future tell all book.

  2. beth

    You are exactly right – the father said that he doesn’t get to spend much time with his kids (13yr old boy and two little girls) and that they both really enjoyed the road trip…

  3. Meegs

    We loved seeing you too!!!! xxx

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