Dear Small Z,
You turned three today. You’ve done a HEAP of evolving in your short time on the planet: you have learnt the basics – to walk, to talk (and talk, and talk, and talk), to sing, to dance, to climb and swing – but you have also learnt your numbers, the alphabet, and appear to have a memory like a steel trap.

After three or so months of having a new baby sister, you’ve finally realised that things are going to be different forever, and so we have been having some days that don’t go too well. I think that because you have lost our sole attention, and because I often have to put you on the sidelines to look after Small DB, any other intrusions on your space are not well recieved.

For this reason we thought that your birthday would be a good time for you to have the whole day to yourself. I asked who you wanted to come, and although you originally requested Elijah – this changed to ‘just Nana’. So we went with that. And you had an awesome day! A trip on the Mornington steam train, with us and your nana and T.

All bound for Mornington...many miles away

A small picnic afterwards and some time in the playground. A ride home in nana’s new car all on your own, followed by the cake you had been requesting for a year – a ‘Henry’ cake. (Henry, in case you have forgotten, is the number three train from Thomas the Tank Engine. I was proud that you referred to me as Henry for a few months a little while back – your dad was Gordon – the fastest train on Sodor.)

It was so great for you to have a day All About You. Your dad gave you a spoon and free reign on your cake. Thank goodness you were pretty full by that point, and didn’t go too crazy. For a kid whose life does not involve lollies, I thought you were quite restrained. You scored a little CD player to play music and audiobooks, a lava lamp, a bouncy ball that you sit on and jump around, a bug catcher home, some books and some paints with painting tools.

A few days later Christmas and birthday gifts turned up from Small Brother – a huge plush bee called ‘Bing’ and FOUR awesome books with CDs. The same mail brought two books from our lovely friends in Emerald, one of which had a CD in it. Too cool. These are great for me to put on for you while I’m trying to get Small DB to sleep.

Ah Small Z, you are in so many ways super-savvy for a just-turned-three-year-old that sometimes I forget that you are still SO LITTLE!! You are going to have an awesome 2011 – we’re all still shaking down into our new shape as a four person family – but it’s a good shape.

A big fat squashy hug from me.
I love you. From my very biased standpoint, I think you’re the best three-year-old ever!