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Last day of two…

Small Z’s last day as a two-year-old. Gosh. We began with a scintillatingly timed visit to the Somerville Farmer’s Market. The timing was to do with a nap for Small DB – and it all would have gone swimmingly… had the market actually been on. However we then drove to Balnarring instead on the quest for decent fruit and vegetables, and things were a little dicey.

It was hot. Small DB did not sleep, and clocked in three hours of awake time – the longest so far in her little life. I became exhausted from carrying her in the sling…and then she finally did slumber, so I had to keep going with it until she got in her regulation 40 minutes. On the positive side, we were in the car and leaving (much to the disgust of Small Z) when we saw that there were people crawling over the op-shop. There was a SALE.

We went in and purchased a new summer wardrobe for Small Z (at fifty cents a piece), M got some work clothes, Small DB some odds and sods and we also got a screw-in base fitting for my retro beach umbrella. Scoresville. Small Z holds fond dreams of being three. She has been requesting a ‘Henry’ cake for the past year – Henry being the number three train in Thomas the Tank Engine land.

Tomorrow she is to go on a train ride with immediate family plus her nana and T. We’re keeping this year low key, as we are in tantrum-land – particularly when it comes to sharing toys and space. She’s already had her life changed by the arrival of her small sister, and I think she is not keen to give any more ground. So it will be an intimate gathering – and she will undoubtedly be happier that way!

Last day as 2-year-old


Goodbye 2010


Small Z is THREE!


  1. I’ve made a vow to stay out of op-shops for at least a couple of months. I was becoming an addict and the crystal queen. Amazing the fantastic crystal you can pick up for just a couple of dollars. Congrats to small Z on becoming 3 hope her day was a fantastic one and a good one for you as well.

  2. Sam

    ‘Op shop’ and ‘sale’ are three of my fave words in the English language. Happy birthday to Small Z!

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