The shallows

After my little outpouring yesterday, I feel a bit apologetic. The medication kicked in over night and today I feel almost completely human. Like I’ve just emerged from a fog. However, I am going to leave my bleating unedited, if only to remind myself that if it happens again, it’s not the end of the world – it only temporarily feels like it!

M and my mum have been helping out. And this morning I have been making reparations with poor little Small Z – I think most of her attitude has just been a result of my fruitcake status. I actually took some time with her this morning and read a book before breakfast. We are both feeling a bit happier. Small DB is her usual cute kooky self…

Her neck is getting stronger!

OK. Nothing to see here.


The depths


Goodbye 2010

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  1. Wonderful picture she looks adorable. By the way I’m a new grandmom and it’s a girl. Her name is Charlie, lol.

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