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Last week is a big fat blank in this blog, so I will backdate this post to Thursday. First there was me. Iron levels and vitamin D are crap. I went into the health food shop and asked the woman behind the counter, a naturopath, about taking both iron and zinc, as I suspected my zinc was low as well. She told me to take them at opposite ends of the day, as they did not interact well.

She then gave me a zinc test, where you hold a mouthful of liquid for ten seconds before swallowing.

“What did it taste like?” she enquired.

“Um. Nothing. Like water…?”

“Like water? You didn’t taste anything?” She looked mildly horrified.

“What was it supposed to taste like?”

“It’s…it’s…it’s disgusting! I can hardly hold it in my mouth.”

“So that would mean…”

“Your zinc levels are stupidly low.”


Ten minutes later I was $60 poorer. She told me that she had found Floradix to be a more effective iron supplement than Spatone. I was also the owner of a liquid zinc supplement.

After two days of using the Floradix I felt like my purpose in life was draining out of my body through my toes. An insane malaise. I assumed it was sleep deprivation. After a few more days I woke up one morning, dragged my irritable and vague self into the kitchen, and just to experiment, I took two Spatone sachets. The change was almost instantaneous. Goodbye Floradix, you are now my rather expensive secondary supplement. I also did a bit more reading on the Spatone website and noted that I should be using it 45 minutes before breakfast, and wait at least an hour afterward before drinking tea. Done, and done. I’m feeling soooo much better. This is also due to my other ‘supplement’.

While I was getting my ‘six week post natal checkup’ that was actually done at 11 weeks due to the popularity of my GP and the intricacies of booking a triple appointment, I told my doctor of my constant, horrible dehydration. I was p-a-r-c-h-e-d. Skin was flaking off my face and my lips were cracking. A couple of times I’d drunk more than four litres of water a day, plus one and a half during the night while breastfeeding, but nothing helped.

Another deficiency. Oestrogen. Apparently it takes a dive after giving birth. Or something. I will not detail how my doctor confirmed the diagnosis, as it would be in the realm of Too Much Information. Suffice to say, I was to take the medication every night for two weeks. One problem, it was not recommended for breastfeeding women as it depletes the milk supply. Gah!!!! I got a second opinion and was told that due to my oversupply, it would probably be OK.

Oh. My. Goodness. Oestrogen is my happy drug. I took it ONE NIGHT and my skin went from Gobi Desert to peaches. Amazing. Then I skipped a day because I was afraid my milk might deplete, and the Gobi Desert came straight back. I looked about a million. So I have been using it every night since then and have three more to go… I’m interested to see what will happen when I stop it, as I don’t know whether oestrogen builds up reserves in your body and this will have put me back on track, or whether I’ll just return to looking like I’ve been lost at sea for a fortnight without fresh water…


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  1. Lol, popping the pills again after reading this. You’re much better informed than I am. Funny my iron suppliment is a different type and it says to take it with meals. I wonder why. I’ve never really noticed a difference when I take them either, which is why I probably always forget. I’ll have to back and google your links.

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