unschool monday: touch and texture

I have been looking at things on the interweb – toddler activities – that will keep Small Z entertained and interested. She so often hears, “Wait a minute – in a second – just give me five minutes…” as I feed or change or try to settle Small DB. I don’t care if it’s messy – ANYTHING that gives me half an hour to get things together is great, and so is anything that we can do together in the snatches of time that Small DB slumbers.

So yesterday? We started with GLOOP. I sat her on a small square of tarpaulin and told her to have fun. She thought it was great! Gloop is this weird combination of cornflour and water, with food colouring added in for entertainment. It feels hard in the bowl, but turns liquidy when you grab it. Small Z was wearing a smock, but had green hands for the rest of the day…

She enjoyed making drippy patterns on her legs and feeling the strangeness of the texture i.e. what it looked like in comparison to how it felt. Yeah, it was messy. But easy to make and to clean up! Later on we got out her old playdough and I told her all about volcanos. I think I was rather graphic, because when I said we were going to make one, she said, “No, thank you.”

I explained that ours would not belch lava and fire, but that we would make it erupt with some stuff that she could poke with her finger. I got this idea from the same site. We made a volcano shape around a small cup with bicarb in it that we poured vinegar spiked with food colouring into. My experiences with bicarb have left me a little timid, but it was fine. We made it fizz right up over the top of the ‘volcano’ and Small Z was happy to touch it once I’d convinced her it was all cold.

We kept going until the bicarb ran out, and for the next 24 hours she was volcano obsessed, giving M and I ‘volcano names’ in place of our ‘train names’. For the record? I was LavaLava. After the eruption we chucked the playdough and made a new batch, beautiful dark blue with sparkles. Small Z helped with the measuring – evening off the cup of salt and the tablespoons of cream of tartar. When it had cooled, she went and made her own volcano…

(I will post a GLOOP picture when I can reclaim my phone from being a white-noise machine…)


Getting some Spring


And so on…

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  1. seepi

    you’re keen, making gloop and all.

    a surprising favourite here is collecting plastic bottle lids and putting them all into a large yogurt container, then getting them all out again. then lining them up, then putting them all away etc etc etc.

    NOt messy. but the clanking of them into the big container can be a bit nerve making.

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