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One of the things that I love about my blog is that I can look back in time and get an idea of what was going on in my life all the way back to around this time in 2002. Because seriously, before that, there are YEARS about which I have not one CLUE about what the hell I was doing. Playing music, writing music reviews, doing a radio show… yeah, all that – but day to day, month to month? I have no idea.

However, sometimes what I find in the past can be a bit disconcerting. This time last year? It could be, and in fact IS, happening right now!? In this post I am lamenting about my iPhone and going on about jailbreaking it. Which, is what I did last week… My phone has been stuffed since it’s been on iOS4, all calls – whether I’ve made or received them, drop out five to seven minutes into the conversation and the phone reboots. It’s intensely annoying.

I hadn’t been able to jailbreak it again successfully until last week when limera1n was released. It worked beautifully and I happily welcomed my jb apps back into my life. Didn’t fix the issue though, and I don’t have the time to devote to going through the epic that is downgrading the operating system to 3.1.3 – which is what it was on when it used to work perfectly. I have found that a ba-million other people have the same problem. Has Apple raised an eyebrow? Nope. Cha-ching, they just watch the money roll in and appear to be doing nothing. Fuckers.

On less angsty issues, the post also mentioned that Small Z and I had planted some sunflower seeds. Well, we did that this week as well. How odd that out of every week of the year I would do it in the same week two years running?! We had a lovely time putting the six little seedlings we’d grown into the ground, and also put in some seaside daisy seedlings. I then made scrambled eggs to use the crushed eggshells around the plants to deter slugs. M bought beer…for himself, and for slug and snail bait. Both approaches are quite effective…

Watering in the seedlings...

The other thing we were musing on this time last year was the impending end of our lease at the Warneet house. Our current one expires in late January 2011 and M is already worrying about having to move if the landlords do not renew our lease. I can’t see why they wouldn’t – but it would make things difficult, as the cost of renting seems to have gone up over the past nine months. Not to mention having to find somewhere again that would cope with three boats, four trailers, two cars and a beautiful caravan….

Anyway – it seems that I am living a somewhat repetitious existence at present. Although I have never looked out of the kitchen window and seen a cockatoo on the bird feeder before…

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  1. Didn’t know about eggshells and slugs, learn something new every day. As far as the phone…it’s all geek to me. I have a pay as you go that I renew once a year on my birthday for $100. Having said that I use about $20 worth every year. Now if you want to talk to my kids about phone apps….

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