The seven days from last Monday shot past me like Pharlap whacked up on amphetamines. Never has time gone so quickly. The birth was so fast and we only spent 12 hours in the birth centre – it hardly felt like we’d left the house, and yet – we had a new baby and I’d graduated back to a F-cup. (F being for f!@#ing ENORMOUS.)

It was a week of hormonal turmoil and new beginnings. Everything was more intense for me than it was two and a half years ago with Small Z. I was horrified to discover that two years of breastfeeding counted for exactly nothing when it came to another newborn. I spent three or four days with cracked and bleeding nipples and crying each time I had to feed her on the left side. We tried giving Small D a bottle – which was fairly ridiculous, as she had no idea what to do with it.

My midwife’s last home visit co-incided with my milk coming in and the onset of ‘baby blues‘ – a stupid name. It should be called ‘becoming emotional jelly’. I missed Small Z and felt I had taken a backseat in looking after her – which of course I had. She had begun sleeping in her own room with M, but cried for me at about 2am each night. After my midwife discharged me, my mum left after staying for four nights…

None of this describes the alternating feelings of despair, relief and infatuation that swamped me – with the despair bits made worse by the breastfeeding angst. By Saturday night I was a mess in this regard. I went to bed, stripped off and went skin to skin with Small D, and proceeded to watch all the old Dr Jack Newman breastfeeding videos on YouTube (as I had with Small Z). His fact sheet on sore nipples was also incredibly helpful.

After a few hours I pretty much had a complete turnaround. I changed feeding positions, relaxed, and the pain began to decrease over the next 12 hours. Thank goodness – because the thought of having to force a bottle on my tiny babe when she didn’t know what to do with it was too difficult for me to think about.

We have only had one lot of visitors so far. D, E, Small E and Tiny O came over on Sunday for a few hours. Made us lunch, helped M move the fridge, brought presents and washed all the dishes. We asked them to stay forever 😉 (Actually, that’s not true – I kicked them out when I couldn’t stay upright anymore…) It was lovely to have someone here who was just three weeks ahead of me in new-baby land.

The end of the first week saw us having a visit from the MCHN. She weighed Small D and found that she was almost back to her birth weight. I couldn’t believe how she had ever fitted into my tummy – and she wasn’t even as big as she had been when she was in there!! The MCHN was very nice and laid back. I was sad to find out that the Baby Health Centre had moved from a few blocks away to the other end of town – I had entertained the idea of walking sedately to our appointments… M, already keen to get me fit, suggested that I could still walk to the other end of town, which just made me think that this would then happen to me…

James James Morrison’s Mother
Put on a golden gown.
James James Morrison’s Mother
Drove to the end of the town.
James James Morrison’s Mother
Said to herself, said she:
“I can get right down
to the end of the town
and be back in time for tea.”

King John
Put up a notice,

So anyway. Here we are, past the end of the first week as a brand new family of four. Small Z has no issues with Small D, and appears to look upon her as a pet we have acquired. I am feeling much better about everything- although this is indispersed with wobbly moments. M is a champ and is cranking out the meals and cleaning – suffering somewhat from disturbed nights, trying to convince Small Z to stay in her bed. And Small D is feeding, emptying, gazing, sleeping and generally being freshly hatched. She’s lovely.

Daisy - Eight days new...
Small Z


Hello Daisy!


Gordon and Henry and Tootle


  1. Ohhhh my goodness she is beautiful… look at those dainty little fingernails! Congratulations and hope you’re feeling okay 🙂

  2. beth

    Ah Shauna – thank you! It was only yesterday that I added the word ‘dogging’ to my vocabulary, courtesy of you… 😉

  3. Mr H

    Four days…
    Black Rock Bowls AGM?

  4. Sam

    She is lovely indeed. Hope the wobbles smooth out soon and you find an even keel with it all.

  5. Both your girls are beautiful. I do believe they look like each other or at least it seems that way to me same lips? Gorgeous anyhow and I hope that everything is easier this time around for you. Congrats once again 🙂

  6. She is definitely lovely!

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