They have invited me (well, us) back! Many moons ago I housesat Mung and Rach’s house in Collingwood. Mostly to have alone time in order to complete my masters thesis. I did manage to crank out my required wordcount – and kill their goldfish. And re-break a plate. And bury a pigeon that had died from ingesting too many peaches in the backyard…

All my posts from that time appear to be written with an excess of both detail and exclamation marks. It was, I suppose, either side of 2003 New Years Eve. If I was an organised person I would be able to put my hands on a few photos I took at the time…but my filing system is somewhat organisationally challenged…

Anyway, I (now we) have been offered the use of the house for a week or so and that’s where Small Z and I will be staying from tomorrow. There are plans for the museum, the aquarium, and of course, hot chocolates at Sugardough… Hello inner-city life!!

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On the topic of oats…


Easey Street – Not so easy


  1. Well enjoy downtown Collingwood – I must admit I miss it a little – try Bluebird Cafe on Johnston St just near the corner of Gold St. Suspect you’ll love it, the coffee and the food.

  2. beth

    Oh BUGGER! Somewhere I could have actually walked to!! I am back now, but I know exactly where you mean. This is what I get for posting in retrospect…

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