We had a long-arranged dinner and sleepover to attend last weekend in Coburg. Our confidence had been stregthened by our success two days prior at Small Z sleeping successfully at D, E &S mall E’s in Emerald when we went for dinner and shower fixing. Basically, it turned out that we tried to do too much – and it was me that it bit on the arse… But I am getting ahead of myself.

To test Small Z’s unwillingness to re-adopt a day sleep, we drove into the city at around midday – a long and sleepy drive in a warm car. Did her eyes shut? They did not. We took her to the Melbourne Museum. Our health care card got us in for free (which was lucky, because the cost of the hideous food there nearly undid me) and we headed straight for the Children’s Gallery.

It wasn’t CMOM, where Small Z had the privilege of going this time last year, but she appreciated it far more because she is that much older. Wow. The museum is soooo amazing. What a resource!! We have already pledged to return and investigate further. Small Z had a great time investigating everything – we tried to do it at her pace without chafing too much. She examines everything with the speed of a snail…

Visiting the Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum
Visiting the Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum
Visiting the Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum
Visiting the Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum

After racing back to the car in a gap between rainstorms, we drove with the aim of getting me to one of the places I miss most. And pregnancy has made my heart a little more desperate. Sugardough. They sell the only hot chocolate in Melbourne that has ever rung my bells. Rung my BELLS? Tap-danced in a tuxedo on my bells… And we made it there five minutes after they had cleaned the hot chocolate machine and the coffee machine. Do you KNOW the torment of being SO CLOSE and yet… and yet…

Much deep breathing ensued. Small Z had had enough of being dragged around by this point, so we went early to our dinner engagement – a soiree to celebrate the birthdays of Dr Grass and Mr H. Small Z ran around for an hour or so, and then went to sleep beautifully in the spare room (have patience with me – it’s such a novelty!). M and I had our SECOND adult only dinner with friends in almost as many days. This has not happened in… well, for longer than I can remember.

This was good. Gorgeous food, friends we had not seen this year. And the CAKE!! The cake almost compensated for my Sugardough disaster. But by the time I got to the cake a little bit of my nightly rash had begun on my arm. I headed off to bed just before 11pm, because it was getting worse and the only way I can fix it is by sleeping or the constant application of aloe vera gel.

Argh. Here is my tangential rant about the evil of the doona/duvet/stupidly thick blanket – or whatever you choose to call it. A lot of people who struggle with eczema-ish skin disorder loathe these things. They overheat you and this irritates the skin. (More about this here.) The combination of the doona and the little heater that I had on low to keep Small Z toasty woke me at around 3am. The party was winding down. I was so itchy I couldn’t go back to sleep. Inevitably I disturbed Small Z, who also could not go back to sleep and began to freak out when she realised I was freaking out. Seriously, I can usually tough out most things in front of her, but I lost the plot on this one.

It culminated in a massive meltdown of both of us, M haphazardly packing the car, and all of us leaving in less than ideal circumstances in the rain at 4am. Me driving with the window down to be cool. Small Z screaming in the back. And poor M, curiously together despite much red wine, trying to placate her as his core temperature slowly dropped below freezing…

It seemed to take an incredibly long time to get back. We arrived home and all passed out – SO grateful to be in our own bed under a cotton quilt and blanket. I think my rash thing is exacerbated by tiredness – which is why it mostly comes at night…mostly. Anyway, I’m going to try and do less – which will be better for me, and for Small Z over the next few months.

Here is a link to one of the most interesting interviews on skincare and skin problems I’ve read. It’s an old interview that I bookmarked on delicious over a year ago. The bit I find the most interesting is the discussion of TOG – a measure of thermal resistance that is often used to tell you how warm something is going to make you. They use it on baby sleep sacks and doonas…. On re-reading it I realise that Small Z does do a lot of tossing and turning at around 2am. While wearing a sleep sack with a 2.5 TOG rating. While under a blanket, which I’m about to go and remove; just as an experiment…