The first of many

Gulp. Last night I made Small Z’s lunch for the first time in preparation for the next day. Got out what she was going to wear in the morning. Checked her bag of spare clothes that she had helped me pack, and took out the various face-washers, toys and socks she had added. I felt the future sort of unrolling in front of me – years of making lunches and getting it all together. It wasn’t so bad…

Today was her first day at ‘Two Group’. This is the group at the Montessori preschool that is for kids aged between two-and-a-half and three years old. It’s like a transition to their three-year-old kindergarten. And whereas mainstream three-year-old kindergarten is (I think) maybe three hours twice a week, the one at this place is either four mornings a week (three hour mornings) or two full days. So I thought that it would only be fair to Small Z to have the chance to do the ‘transition’ semester before launching into it next year.

This is also for her to establish her own little routine and social network before her world is invaded by the impending Pikelet. So yeah. We whizzed off this morning and arrived there at 9.30am. We put her photograph above her very own hook for her very own backpack, hung up her ‘spare clothes’ bag and then I said,

“See you later Boo – I’m going shopping and I’ll be back at snack time.”

“See you later Mama,” she said.

And I left. Going all the way to another room about twenty metres away and plugging in my laptop. Yeah. So I’m a pussy. I’ve never left her anywhere before and I wanted to be close by if she freaked out. The staff there didn’t raise an eyebrow, and said people often sit in the staffroom for the first few times, or in their car with a book.

I headed back in almost two hours later and heard her before I saw her, narrating her lunch as she sat at a small table, eating the cheese from between two slices of bread. I knelt down beside her and suggested she eat the bread as well. I turned to have a word to the teacher and Small Z came around behind me and gave me a hug. I am so relieved it went well. She didn’t want to leave!

First day at preschool


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  1. Ian

    nice work B! But be warned – daycare can be addictive!Its so good when you can get them into those litlle routines – all part of growing up etc etc…Marco loves his days at daycare – gets to step out of his everday world & be with other kids & play golf all day!

  2. I had the four kids. The first two didn’t go and the second two did. Wish I’d put all four of them into daycare because it really did help prepare the two boys better for kindergarten.

  3. beth

    @ Ian. I don’t think they do much golf, but she did tell me the next day that they had played soccer, and seemed to find it hilarious!

    @ Karen – you are such a parenting VETERAN!! I’m glad to hear you say that. I wouldn’t have done it any earlier, but I think she’s got a whole lot more confidence now than she had a few months ago…

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