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Yesterday we got up and Small Z was skanky from the get-go. There was no way I was going to do what I had planned – which was attend my first ABA meeting. I met a woman in a cafe on Saturday, a meeting lubricated by the Labrador, who had met her before. She had a five-year-old and an eight-week-old (soooo tiny) and after a bit of a chat, we found we had similar experiences.

She had not had much luck with a mother’s group and said that she had found the local ABA meetings a good substitute. She suggested I come along and check it out. I thought it might serve me well for Pikelet – if only to have people to hang out with nearby who might also have tiny babies hanging off them in slings. So I had decided to attend, but will now have to leave that until next time…

Finally, finally I managed to convince Small Z to take a midday nap. Oh thank GOD for small mercies. Because I had forgotten that we had to journey to Cranbourne for her second swine flu shot (I can feel you wincing up in Northern NSW, btw). Mostly it is less about Small Z contracting swine flu and more about me getting it via her while pregnant or Pikelet contracting as a newborn.

As we left I was cursing for not parking in the shade (we are having an Indian Summer here) and I assumed the car would be baking – my least favourite thing. But it was not so. Looking up we could see a Big Fat Storm brewing in the sky and the breeze had cooled right down. We drove to Cranbourne, Small Z got jabbed and was a total tearless champ and then we went to the supermarket to get ingredients for playdough…

By the time we were driving home, the almost blackened sky had started to leak big drops of rainy goodness. With about 15km to go I could hardly see out of the windscreen because the rain was so heavy. There was also thunder…and amazing lightning. It felt almost sub-tropical. We were pounded with water…

When we got home, Small Z was thrilled by the rain and insisted on going out in it. I declined her invitation out into the backyard…here’s a video. I like how her little hand and then head stick out of the cubby;

And here are some photographs taken by Brooke Smith a few blocks away. They were in The Age today.
Hastings Pier

Hastings Boat Ramp




VOIP. Take two.


  1. Mr H

    Love the video. Just wait until she wants to take water-saving showers…

    If I show Storm Boy those pics he will want to move to Hastings.

  2. Ian

    Very nice – please have all our rain as well – too much up here & I am becoming waterlogged! What does ABA stand for btw – I am obviouslly maternally unhip!

  3. beth

    You’re not kidding. Am so horrified by what’s in the news. Small Z had a bad reaction to Part 1 of the swine flu injection a month ago – high fever and vomiting. For Part 2 there was nothing…but I feel sick about it πŸ™

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