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An impromptu caravan trip yesterday afternoon after encouragement from L&D saw me waking as it got light this morning…

Asleep. Caravan. 7am.
Point Leo, this morning...

I’d thought I’d had my last swim two weeks back, but not so! I jumped in yesterday. it was divine. Cold. But divine.

And after a tanty-filled drive from Hastings to Oakleigh this afternoon we got to the RSL, met up with D, E and Small E to see the Little Stevies. They were great. Small Z insisted on me dancing in the ‘new boots’ and was thrilled by the music. We discovered that out of everyone in Melbourne, D&E had beat us on a particular single bed with a trundle on eBay…we bought a little hook on high chair from the same seller. So we both met the family in Ringwood who was flogging off some kid-stuff. Bizarre.

Little Stevies @ Oakleigh RSL

Here’s the current favourite Little Stevies track of Small Z and I…


A shoe in




  1. Rae

    That’s a great clip. Cool tune!
    And I lurve the pic of sleeping beauty 🙂 She is just gorgeous.

  2. beth

    Small Z loves that clip because the sign language makes it more visual (or so I assume – she may just be like her father and love piers….)
    …and I love that pic too 🙂

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