I try and not be too much of a sooker. But last night the numbed out pain in my left calf (radiating to the arch of the foot and toes with associated paraesthesia – yep, that was a work sentence) got on top of me and I had a lovely big cry. Cleansing. And then spent the best part of an hour trying to get comfortable in bed, while Small Z slumbered a foot away, oblivious.

In the end I couldn’t find the position, although I briefly had a window where circulation came back to my leg and my left foot (should that be My Left Foot?) got warm. Deliciously. Anyway, I just tried to think of anything besides the ache in my left hip/butt cheek and watched three episodes of 30Rock – bringing me to the end of my fourth season episodes (have to check with my dealer…maybe there are more?!) and was so weary that I passed out until 4am.

This morning I acted against my previously espoused wisdom and attended a chiropractor. I’ve always been more of an osteopath person, but this chiro specialises in kids and pregnant people…and is two minutes drive away. The good news is that it is not, contrary to my GID (google inspired diagnosis) sciatica. Woo!

So what is it? Hips and pelvic bones out of alignment and squishing some nerves, which is why my left leg is numb, painful and my foot is icy. I got poked, prodded, and ice packed for 20 minutes out the back under a big soft blanket. Then I stood on a hydraulic massage table thing and it gently made me horizontal and I got poked a bit more. (There was a gap for Pikelet in it, thankfully…)

It was the prodding of my left calf that was the hardest to take – but both times I got down from the table it was obviously easier to walk. I was instructed to spend as much time as I could lying on my side on a firm surface with a pillow between my knees and my hips aligned, to take the pressure of the nerve/s. And to buy an icepack to try and bring down the inflammation.

M has been cast in the role of carer, which he is doing with perfection. Apparently it thrills him to see me forcibly relaxing. And me? I am a convert to this particular chiropractor, particularly after she said I could call her out of hours on Friday or Saturday if things got worse. It’s good to have a fallback… Meanwhile, it’s great to know what the actual problem is, and I can alleviate it fairly well by lying on my side in the required position. Once this thing improves? There will be ongoing maintenance…

Pack Ice….

Pack Ice.


A pain in the…


Sing Song


  1. Sam

    Oh man. The pangs of recognition when I read this. It sounds like the exact problem I have (mine’s on the left too), except yours is worse. When you get through this horror to the maintenance part, maybe try googling musculoskeletal therapists. I found one who aligns my hips and uses massage and cupping to soothe the effects of the mal(?)alignment. She is good… or is that god?! (K refers to her as my girl crush :)) Oh and do you happen to cross your legs? I’ve had to wean myself off this ‘filthy’ habit. Anyway, hope it sorts itself out soon!

  2. Poor baby, I feel for you having been there myself. I hope you don’t have to go through this again.

  3. beth

    Oh you are both so lovely! It has eased so much in the last 24 hours – and I cannot say how grateful I am.
    @ Sam – I did have a look for musculoskeletal type people because I’d read about your *girl crush* – there’s none around here. I’m going to ask about some daily exercises when I go back to chiro-god on Wednesday though…

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