A pain in the…

Yesterday we had an Easter gathering at mum and T’s house. Me, she-who-will-not-be-blogged and Small Brother all in the same room for once! It was a lovely day, only hampered by Small Z having had a fever all through the previous night and me feeling as though a truck had rolled over me. Somehow, during the day, I began having a sore back/left butt cheek.

By the time we got our caravan to L&D’s last night (where we were staying due to a meet up with other friends the following day) it was pretty uncomfortable. However, bolstered by three pillows, the night wasn’t too bad – but this morning? This morning I resembled my father a few months back. Not so much hunched over like a pretzel, but barely able to walk.

And then I started getting the tingling all the way down to my toes, numbness and a kind of occasional giving-way feeling in my left leg. Notice how that last sentence just tripped off my fingertips? That’s because I write that sentence all the time. About OTHER PEOPLE. At least one file a week that I work on has someone with sciatic symptoms (those words? sciatic symptoms? typed in a nano-second. believe it.) So yeah. I know the drill.

I am desperately tempted to find myself an osteopath, despite knowing that rest and gentle exercise are really the only answer. I am limping around, unable to pick up Small Z, feeling (here I go again) frustrated by my limitations and ongoing pain. Hee hee. I find it darkly ironic. Anyway, I have organised my ever-helpful maternal parent to come and look after Small Z tomorrow, which I will make a work day – as sitting is the most bearable position, M will do the same with Wednesday… and then I will see how I (ahem) stand. Hopefully not listing gently to the East… because then you can call me Eileen.


From far away…



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  1. Moving helps, yes. After the baby if you haven’t already, check and have an xray of your spine just to make sure it’s straight and there’s no scoliousis.

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