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Hello, Pikelet!

It’s not that I’ve been putting off posting this, it’s just that I wanted to do it right. And doing it ‘right’ takes time. Time? I don’t actually have any, so I’ll just post it anyway. I am almost 15 weeks PREGNANT. Wow. It feels kind of odd to even type it! Meet the Pikelet…


I feel some people out there slowly shaking their heads. How could someone so sleep deprived, whose life has taken on a completely different and barely socialising shape over the past two years actually choose to do it all again? Erm…he slipped? Sorry. No. A few reasons. One being that if we were going to create new spawn, now is the time to do it. We are living in suburban bliss near the beach, I continue to work my sucky job with a good hourly rate two days a week and M is available for mental health days as required.

In a few years time we don’t know where we will be, and this is a GREAT feeling! But I would rather be toting around a two year old than a newborn at that time. For some reason after about six months or so, Small Z didn’t feel like she was going to be an only child. There was something missing. The other thing is, OMG – I know SO much more this time around. I worked so hard, SO HARD to get a few chapters of the ‘Having a Baby’ manual worked out that all that knowledge would be lost if I didn’t get to try and actually USE it again.

The other thing is, if I actually made it out of the sleep deprived haze I continue to live in (and this is not due to much to Small Z, who is now slumbering better than I had ever dared hope even a month ago, but due to my weirdarse pregnant insomnia) I doubt I would be able to go back. No really. If I got a taste of my former sleep filled existence, it would be waaaay too tempting to remain there.

And, just one more thing, during the ultrasound Pikelet had to be CONVINCED TO WAKE UP. I had to be sent to the loo and made to cough, and cough again. Small Z’s ultrasound was all waving and kicking and dancing to the beat. This one’s going to be a sleeper. I just know it.


Saturday in training


Playgroups and tent killing


  1. Rae

    Wow! Big news! Congrats!! My fingers are crossed for a sleeper this time too!

  2. beth

    I was thinking of you in relation to twins…you get bigger so much earlier the second time that I had some suspicions…

  3. sam

    Woo! Hoo! Congrats from us too!! Sucking it’s thumb? Must be a very content pikelet! Oh how exciting!

  4. Congrats, thrilled for you and it’ll be easier this time around you’ll see. The new little one will be kept amused by the older one so less strain on you. Big difference will be laundry though.

  5. beth

    Thank you – Sam and Karen!! May the thumbsucking continue… I have been already taken aside and told, in a whisper… don’t let anyone tell you that two is easier, it’s a huge blur…but once the little one can sit up….
    Karen – I’m going with you… if it’s only laundry, I’ll be kissing the floor!!

  6. Congratulations! Yay! xx

  7. beth

    Thanks momo! You are v.lucky to have got two in one go! (I mean it was two times as hard, which I can barely grasp) but still seems like a good deal! Now I just have to come up with names as good as yours!!

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