Sunny day, everything’s A-OK…

A day that began with me going on a solo bike ride. Down the street. To get some milk and go to the chemist. Most of you won’t find this at all intriguing. But for me, being able to take off, on my own, and ride to SOMETHING that is not the park, the pier or the one shop, left me almost breathless with possibility. Or at least with a feeling of freedom – it felt like I hadn’t had that sort of feeling for a long while.

This is how people must feel when they move from a small, slightly isolated locality? The thing about all the places M and I have lived over the past five years (- or is it SEVEN? Now I come to ponder it…) we have never lived anywhere we have intended to stay for long. In Hervey Bay, it was always…’when the house is finished’…and now it is… ‘and when the catamaran is finished’. There is always a longer goal.

Of course, the longer goal is actually somewhere where we would really like to live for a good long while. Get a black faced sheep. Some chooks. You know, after we, um, win lotto or something. But anyway, for the meantime, Hastings is ringing my bells. The house moving has receded and my fatigue is improving. (Have I mentioned that that other January 2010 venture included nightweaning Small Z for the FINAL time? It was hard, but is now a total blessing.)

Today was our best day so far. My morning bike ride was followed by some noodling around the house, some cleaning, M and Small Z in the garden putting up Oomoo’s sail, and then being visited by Mr and Master H for lunch. We then headed back to Somers beach, all in my car. Master H commented, while settling himself into the back next to Small Z and I;

“This car is very 1980s!”

So sage for an eight year old. I was delighted to inform him it was a 1981 model. Mr H’s head fitted fetchingly out of the sunroof. It was all good. Somers beach was a hit, the water was warm and our beach tent solid. M brought down the canoe/kayak thingy and took Small Z out on it (this is her most favourite thing to do since she has been two. Then we got to watch Mr and Master H cavort with the kayak thing in the waves, while rubbing life back into Small Z’s cold little body…

We headed home to passionfruit gelati and cups of tea. If I could press repeat on the whole day, I would.




SLAM Protest Rally & Sleepers


  1. Did you intend to leave the a tag open to the bottom of the post? 😉

  2. I like the way you write … it’s so zen and stream of consciousness. I’d love to be ble to do that.

    PS I like your taste in TV (Firefly and True Blood are fantastic) and I have to see 30Rock.

  3. beth

    @ James – Ack! Bad tag. Tag of evil!! Tag now c-l-o-s-e-d.

    @ Susan – You have no idea how your comment soothed me. I went to a writer’s salon thing yesterday and felt like such an imposter. Then I read your comment and felt much improved!!
    30 Rock is the business…though the third series lacks some earlier sparkle…

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