Happy New Year

We had a quiet one this year. Less quiet than the last, but still didn’t make it to midnight. I have been reading on a few different blogs the plans and hopes and dreams that people have for the coming year. The whole start of a new year/decade thing has given me a much needed kick in the arse – particularly in the area of DECLUTTERING. Oh my god.

I have been inspired by M in this respect. He began attacking the shed and throwing unnecessaries into the box trailer. I think he’s trying to lessen the amount he is going to have to move when (and I say ‘when’ with a feeling of fond hopefulness) we get around to moving. Which will be when we find somewhere to move to. So I have also been trying to throw things out, but mostly what I end up doing is rearranging things. This MUST STOP. You would reasonably assume that the large rubbish bag full of clothes that I have intended to sell on eBay for the past 10 months would be on it’s way to the op-shop right now. You would. But this is not so.

There it sits, with it’s equal promises of increased wealth and postage miscalculations. To be dealt with in the time that I don’t have. Which brings me to another reason for the DECLUTTERING. I spend most of my time moving things to different spots that actually have nowhere to go. It is time to throw it or stow it. I think I need a plethora of plastic crates or the slightly more asthetic equivalent. Since I woke up on New Year’s Day I have been desperate to organise the crap that surrounds me. Was I cursed by a Virgo in the night?

Regardless of this possibility I have been reacquainting myself with FlyLady after about an 18 month absence. She’s hokey, she uses ‘LOL‘ waaaay too often (more than twice) and, yeah. The hokieness. But other than that it all makes sense in it’s bite-sized approached to tackling your personal hell. It’s called CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome).

In blathering all this I forgot to mention another thing that is probably influencing this flurry. A few days before Christmas I followed a link from Little Earth Stories to Daily Imprint (which I have now added here) and read the profile on Kristine Pedler, the artist. It wasn’t a long piece, but I was inspired, and took note of the book she mentioned right at the end – The artist’s way: a course in discovering and recovering your creative self by Julia Cameron.

I never get into books like this. Actually, I’ve never bothered to try, but I thought that if Kristine Pedlar was finding it useful, I might also. Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I pointed him in the direction of the book. Basically it’s a 12 week structured approach to unblocking your creativity and making you productive. STRUCTURED!! That’s what I wanted! So for six mornings in a row I have written three longhand pages about anything at all – the point is to just do three longhand pages. I think it was in thinking about how I was going to fit the other writing exercises into my week, that I realised that I needed to get my shit together and stop wasting my time faffing around with endless aimless domestic tasks. And that’s where FlyLady came back in…

Of course, if you could see the room that I am sitting in to type this, the reaction would be hysterical. You can’t see the floor and my rubbish bags of STUFF…eBay stuff, old baby clothes, stuff to throw away and stuff to take to the op-shop, it would sound like I am all talk, no action. But I am chipping away at it. I suppose that eBay bag really has to go…


Boxing Day and Binginwarri


Alan, Alannah, Ally, Hugo and Violet


  1. I have to admit your part about trying to throw things out but how you end up just re-arranging the stuff really hit home. I’ve been doing just that as I too lately have been trying to get rid of all the excess crud. However I have one up on you because a) I’m about 20 years older and b) I have a house with a basement so much more storage space for junk, lol (I too use lol too much).

  2. sam

    I’m hoping the lull in posting means the throwing out junk/moving house ambition has been realised! And that the writing exercises are bearing fruit. Thanks too for the lovely post, links and photo too… I have been remiss and seemingly swallowed up by the back-to-work-and-trying-to-maintain-a-life act! đŸ™‚

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