Wednesday. Hot and Not 05.

What’s Hot?
After a difficult weekend, I was again drawn to the wisdom that prevails at askmoxie.org – the comments on this post resonated with me. A lot.

Alcohol. Everything in moderation, right? But the bottle of gin M bought me on Monday night helped considerably.

Pocket Tunes. OMG. This is frying my brain with it’s wonderfulness. I’m getting rid of all my other radio apps (except NPR News). I’m also loving Newsstand for catching up on blog entries. Oh, and MxTube for downloading YouTube to my phone. It’s always good to have a tank engine on standby…

Today. It was so damn hot that I ended up working in the kitchen. The study was unbearable. Small Z seems to be taking after M in the heat tolerance stakes. Or maybe it was just the joy of her New Yellow Slide…

Google Chrome. Totally zippy. Have left Safari whimpering in the dock.

The Tullycraft News blog’s 12 Days of Christmas mp3’s. Always a great site, but I love the Christmas flavour and being able to download stuff that isn’t Jingle Bells.

What’s Not Hot

Some kind of new developmental leap that has rendered Small Z sleepless at 3am for about an hour, most nights. AAAAAaaaaagh. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass…

My inability to not fill my days by shuffling mess and sifting through domestic tasks. Am getting closer to binning everything without two good uses. Grrrrr. Can I not just get everything done each day in one red hot GO?!

Typing my endless files of people’s woe doesn’t usually get to me, but why do I suddenly have so many chronically bad backs just as my dad is battling the same thing? It’s unsettling.

No plans for Christmas Day. Everything has sort of fallen in a heap. We had high hopes for NSW, but the flights are ridiculously expensive. On the other hand, not driving anywhere is a bonus… Maybe we can try to eat our own weight in seafood?

Today. The heat. It’s really making me consider what kind of cooling the next rental house might have…and leaning me a little in favour of the Tooradin one. It may lack character, but it’s got a split system, good insulation and a wood fire.

My Nan.

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  1. Mmmm interesting hots that I must check out … You weight in seafood sounds like a hot to me 😉
    No nots for me this week ~ I’m doing a vintage button Giveaway instead … pop over if you have time.

  2. sam

    What a beautiful slide indeed! V cute, I think I’ve watched that four times now! Staying home and eating seafood for xmas sounds lovely. I hope we will see you guys sometime over xmas/new year?

  3. So cute as Sam said “What a beautiful slide you’ve got”.

  4. I am sorry to read about your Nan 🙁

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