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I don’t want to write the d-word, but nor do I like the term ‘passed away’. So I suppose I’ll just say that my beautiful little Nan left the building today. Thankfully my mum has been over there in Marblehead staying with her at my aunty’s house because her health had been going downhill. Last week the whole family got together for Thanksgiving – including Small Brother who zoomed over from New York. I am so glad.

Small Z, M and I have been in touch via Skype over the past week or so, never knowing that our time to talk to Nan was running out. I am so glad she was at home with her family right up to the endpoint. And I am equally grateful that my mother took it upon herself to get M, Small Z and I over there back in June to spend time with Nan. We have some lovely photos and some video, particularly of Nan and Small Z, that I am so thankful to have.

Nan, Me and Small Z

When I was little I had a Grandma (my dad’s mum) and Nana Joy (her name was Joy). Of course I only saw my Nan every so often because she lived so far away. However, I have always appreciated her humour and her ease in any situation. She came and stayed with us up in Queensland, M and I took her to Daylesford in our HiAce van, and we also went out sailing on the trimaran. This is when my Nan was about 84 years old. She was such good value. It feels so odd. I MISS her. I love you, Nan.

Nan in pearls


Wednesday. Hot and Not 04.


M. The saboteur.


  1. S*

    Ohhh… sorry to hear that hun! 🙁
    Nanna’s are so special! How lucky Z was to meet her
    Great Grand-Nanna though!
    Hugs & Kisses from us 3 xoxoxo

  2. momo

    That is very sad. Joy looks like she matched her name in those photos. Such a lovely post, Beth. xx

  3. Sorry to hear that – reminds me of how much I miss my own grandmothers who never got the chance to see me grow up.

  4. sam

    So sorry to hear about your Nana Joy. It’s wonderful though that you three got to see her in June. Thinking of you. x

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