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Wednesday. Hot and Not 04.

What’s Hot 04

The Apple sale coinciding with my tax return and my mother being in the USA. She is my laptop mule. Mmmm. I am going to try and pull another maximum-laptop for minimum-outlay…fingers crossed.

Instapaper for your computer or your iPhone. Anything you find online that you don’t want to read now, but don’t want to bookmark. Instapaper saves it for you to read later. Totally excellent.

The Best Camera app. Oh my gosh – this is so fantastic. It has made me feel better about my camera on the iPhone. It’s not as fancy or as multifaceted or, let’s face it, as good as a normal digital camera – but this is almost evened out by the fact that YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH YOU. And now the Best Camera app pimps up your pictures like a low-rent Photoshop. All good.

Firefly. A sci-fi western set in space. Confounding. But so cool.

Doctor’s diagnosis of Small Z’s rash? Not eczema. Praise the lord…with reservations as she was the one who told me, wrongly, that I had blepharitis. Have you ever SEEN an uglier word?

Channelling Creativity – the topic on Wisconsin Public Radio’s great show – To The Best of Our Knowledge. If you google it you can listen or subscribe to the podcast. The best bit is with Lynda Barry – I would LOVE to attend one of her writing workshops called Writing the Unthinkable. She is more inspiring about the writing process than anyone I have heard or read.

Writing the Unthinkable - Writing Workshop - Portland

What’s Not Hot?

Small Z getting her foot caught down the side of the cot. I couldn’t extricate her and had to interupt M as he was mowing the lawn. “Mama ran through the mow?” said Small Z, looking at my socks, as I attempted to maintain a calm facade. M rippled his muscles and bent the wood while I yanked….

My parking fine. Gah.

My right shoulder. Gah.

My back. Gah.

Tony Fucking Abbott. *boggle* Gah.

The non-existence of sale priced tickets from Melbourne to Ballina on any airline. We are thinking of you guys, even though we have been slack about keeping in touch πŸ™

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The first day of summer




  1. I love your list this week … mine was so blah it just escaped me! LOL I love Firefly and Serenity … the US channel that made it shoot be shot for cancelling it half way through a season! And what kind of word is blepharitus … it sounds like something you’d say as you were vomiting. I hope small Z’s rash clears up.

  2. JoΓ£o

    Re, Firefly. Nathon Fillion is on a new show called Castle and for the Halloween episode (Ep 6 Season 2 -Vampire Weekend) there is some cute Firefly and Buffy shtick (amongst others). Hulu.com has it available to watch (hopefully on your side of the world). Have a nice summer.

  3. Ian

    stop moanaing & just get up here! The waterholes of the northern rivers are calling yr names & beckoning with liquid fingers!

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