Wednesday. Hot and Not 03.

What’s Hot?

Skype! For keeping us hooked into my mum and the rest of the family while she is over there. Small Z was able to see her great aunt and uncles, her spare parent and her second cousin, as well as hear her great-grandma. Too cool!

Last minute decisions to go away in the caravan for the weekend. At 8pm Friday night we were thinking maybe we should just shake it all up and take off to Mung’s birthday weekend in Barwon Heads. By 8.35pm we were on the road. Arrived at around 11pm and went to sleep. Suspiciously painless.

The Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals iPhone app. I got it when it was on half price sale. The first thing I made ‘Thai green curry with coconut rice’ was, I type modestly, the most kickass thing I have cooked in a long time. Thumbs up!

Jamie O's 20min Meals - Green curry

Online forums of other like minded mothers – saving my sanity. Thank you Nappycino!

What’s Not Hot?

Realising that using my phone as a GPS with google maps is, while handy at 11pm in Barwon Heads, insanely expensive. Goodbye GPS, hello street directory and a torch.

Eczema-ish rash on Small Z’s legs. I mean, I’m thankful she wasn’t covered in it from birth – but I had hoped she’d escaped the stupid eczema-gene. Am hoping that it’s some kind of fungal rash…?!

The very few affordable rental properties that are around at the moment. Need to be disciplined and STOP looking for a while.

My random-sleeping macbook is driving me SPARE. Gah. As is the continuing disappearing wifi in the kitchen thing, which is ongoing.


Barwon Heads


In the pretty pretty city

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  1. Wow i really like j. oliver..how cool, recipes on your phone! i have made possibly the same green curry recipe, of his.. and yes kick ass it was!! did you watch USA show when he toured there?

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