This morning I was up by 6am. Once I revived myself with a couple of Russian Caravans I felt new wonder at being awake so early. I could Get Things Done. Revelatory. I had everything organised and, after Small Z awoke, we were able to leave at 8am. Outrageous.

All this military precision was to get us to Emerald by 9am, whereupon I would leave Small Z to be looked after by E, and dart off to my long lost osteopath – Patrick of the Magic Fingers. Haven’t seen him for years, but found him by accident via google. Of course, it’s a long drive to Emerald, but with the added plus of babysitting – I had to follow it up!

Small Z and Small E

Small Z has never been looked after by anyone other than her Nan, so I was interested to see what transpired. Which was exactly nothing. She had a lovely time hanging out with Small E and all his trains of various sizes. She was very chilled out. While she played, I was prodded and poked, and my legs were returned to matching lengths. I also made robust plans to stab the online version of GoogleMaps through the eyes for sending me down a one way street with instructions to ‘keep driving’, but that’s another story.

E made us lunch, and then we began the long, hot drive home. This was not so lovely. Small Z eventually fell asleep and in an effort to prolong this I drove to Koo Wee Rup, where I thought we could investigate the pool that has intrigued me for many years.

The sleeping, the sleeping. I ended up doing laps around the town. This was useful, as it cemented my decision not to look for rental houses there. I then sat, as the car idled, in the pool carpark. I’m not kidding. The same minute that Small Z woke up, the change in the weather came through like a bull in the hall (analogy stolen from The Shins). I thought the window of the car might blow in.

We skipped the pool idea, as the temperature had dived ten degrees, and just went to the cafe and the op-shop and had a perfectly nice time.