What’s Hot?

Attempting to make something out of dingling dangling xylophone keys, even though it’s not finished and was instantly tangled into non-existence by Small Z. At least I tried.

Organising catch-ups with some people, slotting things in prior to Christmas. I can already feel the pace of everything picking up.

Our house sold! Why is that hot? Because at least now our near future is clear. Find something, somewhere else by March. I feel much better having a concrete plan rather than swinging in the breeze month after month.

And on the same wavelength – Small Brother’s new New York apartment sounds like a step up. From the Upper West Side to the West Village. Now we have to visit again!!

This great podcast about fonts. I miss all that time I use to have to play around with fonts and layouts!

What’s Not Hot.

No getting chickens in the near future, as we don’t know where we will be.

The amount of crap I have to siphon through and chuck out before moving is giving me nightmares.

My mum left today for the USA to spend Christmas with her mother – my nana, whose health is not so good 🙁 Not only is that not hot, but I have also lost my babysitter and sanity saver and M has to lose yet ANOTHER day at the boat, minding Small Z two days a week.

My back. Have spent the last month harassing my paternal parent to pull his finger out and get his back and sciatica attended to. The DAY that I made him a guerilla style appointment at his local osteopath? My own back goes cactus for the first time in about 15 years. I think that core strength I used to have a bit of has dissolved. Me. Osteopath. Friday morning.

Still not getting stuck into my work early enough in the day. I’m much more productive as a night owl, but that is impossible in my current sleep situation. Double GAH.

Losing my wifi repeatedly upon moving laptop into the kitchen to be a little more social. I CANNOT fix this. Time for Snow Leopard…or one of those sexy new macbooks 😉

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