Two things about my iPhone irritate me. The convoluted steps involved in changing the brightness, the inability to turn off the auto-rotate function, and the inability to restrict the phone to ONLY using data via a wifi connection. Grrrrr. Oh. That’s three things. Even more reason to grumble…

Yesterday, after a few tries, I successfully jailbroke (jailbreaked?) my phone using Pwnage Tool 3.1.4. So last night I was able to turn off 3G, access the brightness settings, and turn off auto-rotate with one swipe using SBSettings. Awesome. Too bad my phone had ‘no service’. Meaning I could do everything…except use it as a PHONE.

Because my phone was bought outright and has never been locked to a particular carrier, I messed up a step, and now have to do it all again – which is no big deal, now that I’ve done it a few times already. I’m a pro! 😉 So maybe tonight, I’ll have it all sorted out.

The past few nights Small Z has been on bedtime rebellion. Oh god. I get a bit cranky when I don’t get a bit of time to myself – particularly when I try to get to bed before 10pm in order to maintain some sanity. Last night she didn’t hit it until 9.30pm, by which time (after a consoling glass of red, and an hour of M wrangling her post-boat) I went along with her. The pay off was that she then slept until 5am. Holy crap! That was a sentence I never thought I would get to write!

Today we’ve noodled in the garden, planting some sunflower seeds in amongst some ‘stinky horse poooooo!’ I have again begun wondering where we are going to be moving, and when. Can’t help it. I hate not knowing this stuff. Will we be here once the sunflowers are flowering, or will they be appreciated by someone else? Our lease runs out a few days before Christmas. If no one buys this place, we’ll be renting month by month…

This has led me to some online pondering at… M has said that we could move somewhere more central, and that he would commute. I’m now thinking of other options, like moving somewhere nice…and suggesting he could stay a few nights at the boat shed in the caravan – sort of like an oil rig worker. Three nights away, four nights at home… Can’t see him coping without his Small Z for that time though.

As much as it would be nice to live back in civilisation, we still couldn’t afford it. The kind of rent we pay here on our beautiful house-with-the-view and the h-u-g-e backyard, is a one bedroom flat in Northcote or Mordialloc. So I’ve been looking at tinier places in seaside locations a bit further out. I don’t know if we would ever be happy in suburbia again…where would we store the boats, caravan, two cars and various trailers?

From the back fence
From the back door