What I gave her to eat, realising, as I slaved over making cheesy white sauce that the more effort I went to was directly in proportion to how adamantly she would reject it….

I ate it.

And what she ended up having…

Nectarine, cheese, sultanas...


The Party Urn


Jailbreaking and itchy feet


  1. Rae

    Never ceases to amaze me when this happens to us. How do they know?!?!?!
    And yeah – chopped up fruit is SOOOO part of a normal dinner. I like this plate too. I reckon you’ve done well. You coulda gone the bag’o’chips route! Instead, she’s still eating well.

  2. Have to admit that if I were a toddler I’d pick the second plate as well. I can’t remember when my kids started eating broccoli but it was when they were younger and now broccoli/cauliflower cheese casserole is their favorite. They used to call the broccoli trees. To make the casserole I just mix precooked veggies with the cheese sauce (in our case orange) then sprinkle salad bread croutons on top and then some more shredded cheddar cheese on top of that and cook in oven for 35 minutes, yummy. Drain the veg well or you’ll end up with watery sauce.

  3. beth

    I was working on the broccoli ‘trees’ angle, and the cauliflower ‘flower’ angle. Both of which were greeted with “No no no no no no no no.” Sigh. I just felt I was stuck in a rut – mostly involving noodles/tuna/pesto and/or chicken noodle soup. Thanks for that recipe Karen – I will put that on my pile…if not for her, then for M and I, because I think I’m on a cheese sauce roll!

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