I was going so well – but the fatigue got me in the end, and I couldn’t keep going with my daily post. That SUCKS!! Anyway. Deep breaths. Have gotten over my disappointment. Will try again another time. As I said to L, this was an effective test of whether to bother attempting NaNoWriMoha! That would be a big fat DON’T BOTHER.

This weekend has been full of stuff. Saturday began with a late assault on all the garage sales in our little area – it’s an annual event put together by the local CFA. There are 30 or 40 garage sales all on at the same time. While we (that would be M) snaffled some good stuff, it wasn’t quite the dazzling event we had hoped for. Last year I got my caravan stove for five dollars (thus justifying the $90 I just spent on copper piping and joins to set it up permanently…) and we saw other remarkable bargains.

M is thrilled by his purchase of a big metal hot water urn – the kind you see at scout halls or roadside stalls making instant coffee for drowsy drivers. It was FIFTY CENTS! We are now keen to have a party just to use it. Small Z, dragged in and out of the car more times than she could count, got various bits and pieces, mostly involving Thomas the Tank Engine, that benighted invention.

Me? A pair of track suit pants which will enable me to appear not-so-skanky at yoga on Friday. And that’s about it. Yawn. D&E and Small E (Small Z’s friend that is nearest to her age…in this state – hello little M) came over in the afternoon for a wander to the park and back along the beach. Dinner was then had, wine was drunk, children were wrangled and some excellent flourless orange cake was consumed.

Small Z and Small E

This morning M and Small Z went to Tooradin Market, while I tried to get some work done. After the nap we drove to Oakleigh and joined the celebrations underway for Jazzy-B’s First Birthday. A year that has passed in a combination of an eyeblink and some slo-mo. We hung around after everyone had left – even all the family members, and finally exited, feeling slightly ashamed, at about 7pm. Happy Birthday JBB!

Birthday cake of wonder!