Possum Tragic

Yesterday afternoon, last night and today were full of drenching rain. Lovely. Small Z was woken from her nap today by the plovers and their babies running around just outside the back door. The little ones are almost too cute to live. In other animal gossip, the possums have finally sent us to the end of our respective tethers.

More often than not they live in the walls. I don’t object to that so much, except for the one that chooses to hang out right where our heads are as we lie in bed. Oh GOD I hate that possum. It arrives there from a night on the tiles at about 6am in the mornings, and spends 20 minutes trying to scratch its way through the wall, before going to sleep. Small Z sometimes manages to sleep through it. I never do.

It stays there until eight or nine at night, when it decides it’s time to go out. At which point it often gets stuck. And after scrabbling around, climbing incrementally higher from about one foot from the floor up inside a ten foot wall, it gets utterly frustrated and starts screeching. SCREECHING. Right over Small Z’s head. And that’s what I get to hear over the baby monitor…so comforting.

Today, after a hell night of possum activity and my own insomnia, M became man of action. Small Z and I slept in a little, and he researched the possum thing online. It is, unfortunately, cruel to relocate them more than 50 metres away, and if you do – they usually die, and other possums just take up the place they vacated. Bastards. Sometimes I wish we were in New Zealand, where they are vermin and shot accordingly. Grrr.

However. M bought some plywood and made a possum home. The idea is that they prefer it, in all it’s snug possumy goodness. He and Small Z put ‘soft dwy leafs’ in it for the possums to sleep in, and added some apples for good measure. We shall see what transpires…

M's possum home


Whisky, frisky and flowery


The afternoon light


  1. Good luck with that. Last year I had some wasps take up residence in the attic coming in through the eaves just outside the corner of my room. This spot is located about three stories up and not easy to reach. I got to hear them chew the wood and wonder if they would break through to my room. Finally after trying a couple of times with various chemicals being sprayed up the crevice they either died or went away. They say you can always find someone worse off then yourself and the possum sounds worse so I hope the new home works.

  2. Ian

    that possum house is pure class, & the stick is a masterstroke – no self-respecting possum in their right mind will be able to resist the lure of that baby! Yr problems are over!

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