Ever since M and I have been an item I have borne a small envy of his coffee addiction. Actually, of most people’s. Coffee just doesn’t do it for me, much. I love a good soy-latte, but that’s a relatively recent phenomenon. The thing I envy is the comfort that they derive in a good coffee. The kind never seen in Tooradin…

Coffee addicts sip their nectar like it’s some kind of liquid benediction. I like that. I like how they ‘need’ their coffee in the morning – but it’s always hit or miss, because you can do a bad job making coffee. Tea is much easier. But it’s SO easy that cafes usually don’t bother with it, assuming you’ll be happy with them whacking a Twinings tea-bag in a stainless steel teapot with too much water in it.

This is my problem with cafes. I understand that coffee people go to get a coffee made by some coffee-pro with a machine that you would never have in your home. For me, I am always in a dither about what hot drink to get in a cafe. I seldom go for tea, because… well… why go for the weak cup of Twinings when you’ve got Nature’s Cuppa at home in the cupboard? And hot chocolate? Unless I’m at Sugardough I don’t bother – it’s almost always disappointing.

If M says the coffee is good then I’ll order a soy-latte, but what really captures my admiration is a place with DECENT TEA. Preferably loose leaf. Made by a tea drinker. With milk in a jug on the side. In the last few years, whenever I get Earl Grey in a cafe, it never comes with milk. I know it’s a black tea, I also know it’s lovely with milk. Gah.

Over in the US, the state of the coffee and tea was dire. Luckily, in the excellent Atomic Cafe in Marblehead, they had something called Mighty Leaf Tea (which, just then, I found available in Australia!). The girl there was British, and lamented the state of tea with me when I asked for a two-bagged cup.

The other day in Korumburra I bought a box of Madame Flavour – similar, but better. I thought it looked like it came from somewhere on the north coast of NSW, but no – it comes together in Highett – just down the road from my work, and old high school. It’s seriously great tea for the tea bag situation. I think I’m going to keep a few tea-bags in my handbag, and merely order a cup of hot water next time we’re at a cafe. That way I won’t be disappointed.