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Sunday night

My paltry post last night before crashing out in the caravan was an admittedly desperate attempt to keep my posts to a daily basis.

We drove to Brighton yesterday to have lunch with some people we met a few years ago, prior to them going to sea in a very large catamaran. Since we saw them back then they were shipwrecked (that is not a sentence I have written before), and have also bought at least one more boat. Anyway, they had a lot of boaty stuff that they are planning to sell, and M was invited to go through it all to see if there was anything for our very large boat.

He found quite a bit, I think. And we spent all afternoon with them, their dogs, their barbeque, and all their boaty stuff covering their deck for M to purvey. After that we left (with the caravan in tow) to go to L&D’s house in Bentleigh, where we were expected the following afternoon for L’s birthday celebrations. They were about three minutes away.

Small Z and Chloe Rose were very excited with each other, pushing back their respective bedtimes with their overtired glee. Finally Small Z was sleeping in the caravan, Chloe was in her bed, and we all retired to the garage and had a drink, feeling momentarily like people who had never procreated…except for the boxes of baby clothes that were stored within my line of sight.

I’m not sure whether it was my large glass of wine, the homeopathic stuff I had given Small Z for her teething, the lack of a day nap, or the planets aligning, but MY GOD we had a good night’s sleep. I was so tempted to spend another night in the front garden, just to have another one.

We spent this morning at Bentleigh Market, which I could have easily stayed at for at least another hour. I got a glass teapot, Oliver Sacks’ autobiography, March by Geraldine Brooks – and a few books for Small Z, who, it seems, can never have too many. Breakfasted at a cafe because we could. Then went home and tried to be a little helpful in preparing for visitors later in the afternoon.

Chloe pushes Zoe

The afternoon was lovely, despite some odd and intermittent showers. Lots of cheese, chips and cheesecake and lamingtons. Talk of iPhones and developing apps, as well as ongoing toddler wrangling and peacekeeping. Happy Birthday L!!





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  1. Tom

    That sentence you hadn’t written before probably shouldn’t have been written at all. And ‘purvey’?

  2. beth

    …just consider it my eck-a-lon. I think I meant ‘survey’, but slipped on the keyboard as ‘s’ is so close to ‘p’.

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