The good oil

Have been feeling a bit blah. Run down. Tired. Yada yada. Am off to get my blood leeched tomorrow morning for the measuring of iron levels and the like. Thus, tonight I undertook some hair dyeing and general defoliation. Not for the pathology nurse – for my own self. And here, if I have not enlightened you before, is my tip. Two tips, actually…

The first tip is that Nads Hair Removal Gel stuff is actually very good – provided you warm it a little. My god. A huge improvement over anything else I have tried. Gone are the days (currently…they may return) where I would nip downstairs from my work and get the old growth forest logged by Toula. Nope, it is back to myself, the butter knife and the bathroom. Trust the local joint? I don’t think so.

The second tip is related to the first – and learned after my tormented waxing spasm some years ago when it would have saved a great deal of angst, vodka, white vinegar and hair conditioner. Two words. OLIVE OIL. Forget about those sachet things they give you in the packet of pre-waxed strips, they always run out before you make it through anyway. Olive oil is the way. I am not sure why. And I do not question. But now I have imparted this pearl of hairy wisdom, I am going to bed. The internet can thank me later.




Downward dog and Plover

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  1. seepi

    I i buy the pre-waxed strips that look like bits of contact. It is a lot easier than dealing with hot wax.

    and olive oil – yes – or cheapo moisturiser will do as well.

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