Five in a row

I’m on track. Five posts over five days. Yay me. An inventory of today…

Eggs. Banana, passionfruit and yoghurt. Playgroup. Nap attempt number one. Small Z lunch. Nap attempt two – Z=1 B=0. B lunch, plus – many cups of restorative tea. Assembled dinner in slow cooker. Sticky taped book back together. Played many games of ‘Hiding, Hiding, Mama be a Tiger!’. Tidied the kitchen. Watered the garden. Hung out washing. Put on another load. Planted tomato seeds. Put bread and new water in the bird feeder. Drew many ‘giggling stars with laughing eyes’ in chalk on the concrete, and ‘sick caterpillar – it goes BERRRR’. Nappy changes. Polished three small pairs of shoes, one of which arrived in post today via eBay. Played many rounds of ‘Mama sits in green chair. Zoe sits in red chair… SWAP!!’ Mourned the loss of my caravan parts on eBay – beaten by three dollars, curse it. Read picture books. Small Z dinner – ‘pethsto, noodle-oo, peeth’. Bath. Thankfully brief feed-to-sleep due to no daytime nap – Z=1 B=1.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I am w-i-p-e-d. Sigh. Here’s a song from when M got home this afternoon…


Chrome Bumpers and Vintage Vans


A work day


  1. Rae

    We all fall down *bump* Love it!

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