Chrome Bumpers and Vintage Vans

This morning I dragged M and Small Z off to Cora Lynn. It sounds like we’re visiting someone related to someone who sang ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’, doesn’t it? But no. Cora Lynn is about ten or so minutes past Koo Wee Rup, and that’s where this thing was on.

It was a kind of vintage car and vintage caravan rally, with a swap meet on one side and a jumping castle on the other. We bypassed the jumping castle. The swap meet stuff wasn’t bad, quite a lot of hopeful overpricing – there was less stuff there than I thought there would be.

I spied a Humber as we drove past on our way in, but I have seen a lot of them in my life, and was keener to check out the vintage caravans. I was really hoping to see other Sunliners like mine, but there was only one, and it was not the same vintage. Prior to today I have always been a bit anti-bondwood, more pro-fibreglass… but that was before I toured a Roadmaster from 1956. One word. Swoonworthy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of one, but I took plenty of others…

Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009

As soon as we got in the car to go home, Small Z conked out, and stayed asleep all the way home. We got to our gate, looked at the clock, remembered the time difference (hello! daylight savings!) and realised that this meant the real estate agent would be turning up to show someone through in ten minutes time. We kept driving, all the way to Hastings, and spent the rest of the afternoon there, in the playground and the cafe.

Hastings Playground
Her dadda's sunglasses


Throwing Copper


Five in a row


  1. Cute, both the little and big people going down the slide. I tried going down with the kids once and froze at the top, lol.

    The caravans are really interesting.

  2. beth

    Hah – my problem with slides is the static electricity they create – I’m starting to get a phobia!

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