Scoresville – Lang Lang!

Today Small Z and I drove down to Loch to pick up the caravan. We left it there on Sunday due to a combination of high winds and a car problem. We departed at around 9am and went up via Lang Lang. I’m not sure why – I just had a hankering to get off the highway and stick my head into a country op-shop.

There is a plus about living out of town in amongst a surfeit of bogans – the op shops are traditional, super cheap, country-style ones. Hooray! I hadn’t been to this one for ages. So until a rather urgent nappy change was required, Small Z and I scrounged around and found some goodies… When I went to pay for them, the lady added it all up…and then said they were having a half price sale day and it would all set me back FOUR DOLLARS!!

Thus I scored a single fitted sheet with purple flowers, a red pussycat cot sheet (for the fabric), a sewing basket, at least six books, and a pair of Clarks leather shoes for Small Z – all for four dollars. How I adore a bargain.

The first lot of loot

On the way back, with the caravan behind us, we drove down McDonalds Track – a kind of back road between Loch, Nyora and Lang Lang. By the time we were getting close to the latter, Small Z was starting to lose the plot in the back seat. A-ha! I thought (…and how obsessed I once was with that band…) I am towing my own mobile home. Let us stop. I will secure a salad roll, a vanilla slice, I will feed Small Z in the caravan, she will sleep, and then we will go to the park, and return to the op-shop to take better advantage of that half price sale.

Of course, in my head, this all worked splendidly. However, Small Z was overtired, totally buzzed by being in the caravan and after a feed appeared utterly incapable of sleeping. I sat her on the bed with some of the books we’d bought this morning, and ate my lunch while musing over the New York Times on my iPhone. Very civilised. The vanilla slice, however, was not good – and I am spoiled, as it is one of the few things that Tooradin Bakery does well…

My lunch as Small Z reads

After lunch we went to the park and back to the op-shop, where we got M some work shirts and odds and ends. Small Z finally slept as I drove home, so I took the opportunity to go to the car park near the yacht club in Warneet and practice my caravan reversing. I am b-e-y-o-n-d crap, but I will persist.

Putting gumnuts in the holes...

P.S – can you see the curtains, Rae?!


And we start at numero uno


Throwing Copper


  1. Nice score. I’ve started visiting the op shops here or as we call them thrift shops since reading your’s and another’s blog. Unfortunately they charge outrageous prices considering the stuff they sell. Sometimes it’s cheaper buying new which doesn’t seem right. I do score nice hardcover craft books sometimes but the cheapest those go are for $4 and up.

  2. beth

    Mmm. They are called ‘thrifts’ over there – my nan used to volunteer in one for a while. The same thing (prices) is often the case here in areas that have become more moneyed – that’s why finding country ones is always a bit more fun! Four dollars and up is a bit hard to take!

  3. Rae

    Well done! Looking really good B!
    I myself lurve op shopping, it’s the thrill of finding something you’ve been wanting and searching for, for a great price. And yeah some have gone overboard with prices, but when you find a good oppy, it’s also a great buzz 🙂

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