And we start at numero uno

Ok. I don’t say this lightly. I have thought about it. And now I’m going to have a bash at it. That’s right, I am going to copy Loobylu and attempt one post a day for the following month. Ha!

I will begin by boring you senseless with the news that I survived the two week absence of my co-worker and the extra work that entailed. Big THANKS to my awesome babysitting mother. Dude. You’re the business. I will attempt to wean Small Z off her obsession with poo, just to make you happy.

I will end with a shot from last weekend that I wanted to immortalise here. My dad has recently ceased living as a bachelor. His house has aqcuired fancy stuff – good knives, kitchen appliances, a fridge I covet *sob* and vastly better speakers. When we arrived there last weekend I commented on the array of his Explorer socks hanging above the woodheater. They were, I was informed by the new tenant, all odd. ALL of them.


Grand Final and Flooding Rains


Scoresville – Lang Lang!


  1. seepi

    Not cheap either those Explorer socks – where did the other ones go???

  2. beth

    …I think that is a question that is currently echoing off the far corners of the solar system…

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