Over at Loobylu, a blog I have read and admired since just before I began this one, Claire has been diligently posting once a day during September. This prospect fills me with both feelings of envy and exhaustion. I plan on doing that too… just not right now.

A few days ago [OK, by now it’s almost a week ago…] she did a “What’s Hot and What’s Not” list. And here’s mine:

Nature's Cuppa Tea Bags

Nature’s Cuppa tea bags. I am a diehard loose leaf teapot toting tannin queen. I turn my nose up at most teabags. These, however, are the business. They have some guts but aren’t too… Oh, anyway, they’re great. The loose leaf version they have is good too, but doesn’t last me long enough.

My new whizzer stick. I know several people, including two immediate family members, who swear by these things. The stick mixer. Mine (by Phillips – recommended by Choice Magazine) also came with it’s own little bowl attachment. It’s unbeaten for whizzing things in the slow cooker!

Spring. Not too cold. Not too hot. Just right.

My iPhone. Have raved before. Am typing this post on it right now. Swoonworthy.

The caravan. It has curtains, of sorts. It will be getting a bit more love before it’s second trip to Maldon. I am lying in it right now, snug in a West Preston driveway. It is a little home away from home – as well as looking adorable. Yay!

Barefoot Books – I love reading these to Small Z. The illustrations are always fantastic, and we especially love the Bear on a Bike

What’s not so hot?

Teething. Ow.

Eczema taking over my forehead for weeks on end.


Having to work instead of having a passive form of income that just keeps trickling in like that guy in that Nick Hornby book whose Dad wrote something like ‘Jingle Bells’ and lived richly ever after.

Potentially cool vintage caravan curtain fabric which turns out to be 100% fiberglass and intolerable to work with…just as M predicted…