My uncle (I have three – two in Massachusetts and one in Binginwarri) looks after the Gay Head lighthouse in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard, and has done for over 20 years or so. He takes people through on tours during the summer months – if you click that link, there’s a picture of him down the bottom of the page.

So, he’s the man – the lighthouse keeper, the guy with the keys to the large glowstick. About three weeks ago, Meg (his sister and my aunt) wanted to go away on a camping trip. This meant that someone needed to be around to keep my Nan company – my Nan has lived with meg for a while now, and Meg didn’t want to leave her own for four days.

She was originally going to go over and stay with Richard and his wife, Joanie, on the Vineyard, but this didn’t work out. Instead, Richard went over to Marblehead and stayed with Nan. While he was gone, Joan got a call from someone saying that they wanted to take a tour of the lighthouse… she said Richard wasn’t available, but that she would be happy to do it. The person did not say who it was that was going to be coming through – but I’m assuming Joanie started to suspect, after the area around the lighthouse was locked down and made secure over a few hours…

Joan then, on her own, got to take Barack and Michelle Obama and their daughters on a tour of Gay Head Lighthouse!! This calls for an OMG! I felt so bad for Richard, longtime lighthouse carer and guru, missing out on taking the PRESIDENT that he voted for on a tour 🙁 But – woo! Joanie!!

Two things about this made me happy – one was that Barack Obama asked where Richard was, and on being told that he was looking after my Nan, sent his Nan some presidential best wishes and love… And the second thing is that he even WANTED to go and look through an old lighthouse – there is no way I can imagine George Bush ever wanting to bother doing such a thing.

Joan and the Obamas


Happy Father’s Day M!


Sunshine and Spring


  1. S*

    OMG!!! Yay! I love that they are in their cool casual attire too! 🙂

  2. The man has class – been a while since they’ve had a President with class.

  3. Wow, that about sums it up.

  4. jess

    fantastic! what a great experience – obama is the best

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