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Backyard weather

I’ve been hanging at home a bit more with Small Z this past week. WIth the new sleep practices at night, timings of the midday nap have changed… and I’ve also thought it is a bit more settling to hang about at home while the nights can be fraught (yes – I did jinx myself with that post…)

The weather has been making things easier, with big spates of sunny afternoons. We draw on the concrete with chalk (a habit we picked up in New York), run around under the clothesline, and hunt for dandelions to blow…

Chalk cats - the Grumpy Mow, and the Happy Mow in a Bra

(Note the ‘Grumpy Mow’* and the ‘Happy Mow in a Bra’)

A puffy dandelion
A tiny daisy

*Mow rhymes with cow


A deadset miracle



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  1. Very cute especially the first picture πŸ™‚

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